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Saag, Lauri, Eric Steen Hansen, Andres Saag & Tiina Randlane. Survey of Lepraria and Leprocaulon in Greenland. Mycotaxon 102: 57-90. 2007.

ABSTRACT: For a survey of the lichen genera Lepraria and Leprocaulon in Greenland about 700 specimens from various localities of Greenland in C were examined. Thirteen species and two varieties of Lepraria and three species of Leprocaulon are reported. Lepraria alpina var. zeorinica var. nov. and L. caesioalba var. groenlandica var. nov. are described. The first detailed description of the recently introduced L. gelida is provided. New to Greenland are: L. atlantica, L. borealis, L. caesiella, L. caesioalba, L. elobata, L. gelida, L. jackii, L. nivalis and Leprocaulon gracilescens. For all taxa information on thallus morphology, secondary chemistry, substrata and distribution together with distribution maps is given and a key is provided.

KEYWORDS:  taxonomy, sterile lichens, Stereocaulaceae, High Arctic, Low Arctic

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