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Hawksworth, David L. (ed.). Book reviews and notices. Mycotaxon 102: 431-456. 2007.

Abstract–Books reviewed include:

[General] Nuevo diccionario ilustrado de micología; The identification of fungi: an illustrated introduction; MycoKey 2.1; Introduction to Fungi; Continental Antarctic fungi; Fungi of the protected landscape area of Vihorlat; Houby, Lisejniky a mechorosty Narodního Parku Podyjí.

[Zygomycetes] Fungi of Egypt I. Zygomycetes.

[Basidiomycetes] Ramaria of the pacific northwestern United States; Boletaceae (I).

[Ascomycetes] Phyllachoraceae of Australia; Mycosphaerella and its anamorphs: 2. Conspectus of Mycosphaerella; Hypocrea and Trichoderma studies marking the 90th birthday of Joan M. Dingley; Phylogenetic classification of Cordyceps and the claviciptaceous fungi; Checklist of Polish larger ascomycetes; Rare or noteworthy Helotiales.

[Lichen-forming fungi] Opuscula Philolichenum (journal); Central European lichens — diversity and threat; The lichen genus Micarea (Lecanorales, Ascomycota) in Poland; Lecanorales, Bacidiaceae I. Bacidia y Bacidina; Taxonomic studies on saxicolous species of the genus Rinodina (lichenized ascomycetes, Pysciaceae) in the southern hemisphere; Lundy lichens.

[Conidial fungi] The Fusarium laboratory manual; Helicosporous hyphomycetes from China.

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