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Miettinen, Otto, Tuomo Niemelä & Leif Ryvarden. A new polypore Irpex cremicolor described from North Europe. Mycotaxon 102: 415-424. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Irpex cremicolor, a poroid basidiomycete,is described as new based on collections from old-growth forests in northern Finland and Norway. It is characterised by a resupinate habit, lacerate pores, and a dimitic hyphal system. Most of the septa are simple, but scattered clamps are present. The species reminds of the North American Oxyporus similis, which is re-described and compared to the closely reminiscent O. obducens. These two are often considered synonyms, but they are kept separate here on account of minor differences in their hyphal and spore characteristics.

KEYWORDS:  Irpex lacteus, Oxyporus populinus, O. schizoporoides, Polyporaceae, taxonomy

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