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Wang, Dong-Mei & Sheng-Hua Wu. Two species of Ganoderma new to Taiwan. Mycotaxon 102: 373-378. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Ganoderma flexipes and G. multiplicatum are newly recorded from Taiwan. Ganoderma flexipes has a small reddish brown pileus with a long and thin stipe, yellowish brown to dark brown context, and ellipsoid or ovoid basidiospores up to 11.5 µm long. Ganoderma multiplicatum is characterized by a rigid, sessile basidioma, duplex context, amyloid cuticle cells with apically acanthus-like lobes, and ovoid basidiospores no longer than 10 µm and with moderately conspicuous echinulae. The full descriptions of the two species are given.

KEYWORDS:  Polyporales, taxonomy, new record, geographical distribution

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