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Kasuya, Taiga, Hiroshi Sato & Makoto Kakishima. Diagnostic cystidia observed on rhizomorphs of Melanoleuca verrucipes. Mycotaxon 102: 365-371. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Rhizomorphs of Melanoleuca verrucipes have been studied using light and scanning electron microscopy. This revealed an agaricoid rhizomorph type that consisted of a cortex of fine peripheral hyphae surrounding a medulla containing large diameter “vessel” hyphae. In addition, urticiform to ampulliform cystidia covered with crystalline material are scattered on the surfaces of the peripheral hyphae. The presence of peripheral hyphae with numerous cystidia is described as a new morphological characteristic of M. verrucipes.

KEYWORDS:  mycelial cords, saprotrophic fungus, Tricholomataceae

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