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Firdaus-e-Bareen & Uwe Braun. Mycofalcella iqbalii, a new aquatic hyphomycete, and a discussion about the generic concept of Anguillospora and similar genera. Mycotaxon 102: 355-363. 2007.

ABSTRACT: A new aquatic hyphomycete, Mycofalcella iqbalii, is described and illustrated from canal water in Pakistan. The conidia have been detected in water throughout the year, but sporulation on randomly collected leaves more commonly occurred between August and December. The generic affinity of the new species is debated in the context of a general discussion about the generic concepts of the complex of hyphomycetes resembling Anguillospora, Anguillosporella, Mycofalcella, and aquatic species of Mycocentrospora. It is proposed to confine Anguillospora to species with unilocal conidiogenous cells and rhexolytic conidial secession, and to widen the concept of Pseudoanguillospora to include taxa with unilocal, determinate or percurrent to multilocal, sympodial conidiogenous cells and schizolytic conidial secession.

KEYWORDS:  anguillospora-like hyphomycetes, aquatic fungi, mitosporic fungi, systematics

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