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Cruz, Alisson Cardoso Rodrigues da, Luis Fernando Pascholati Gusmão, Sheila Miranda Leão-Ferreira & Rafael F. Castañeda Ruiz. Conidial fungi from the semi-arid Caatinga biome of Brazil. Diplococcium verruculosum  sp. nov. and Lobatopedis longistriatum sp. nov. Mycotaxon 102: 33-38. 2007.

ABSTRACT: During investigation of microfungi on dead plant material in a semi-arid region of northeast Brazil, two interesting fungi were collected and are herein described and illustrated. Diplococccium verruculosum is distinguished by catenulate, oblong to cylindrical, 1- to 4-septate, verruculose, pale brown conidia and Lobatopedis longistriatum is characterized by vermiform, uncinate, striate, 16- to 31-septate, brown to dark brown conidia; both are proposed as new species.

KEYWORDS:  anamorphic fungi, hyphomycetes, leaf litter, systematics

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