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Vizzini, Alfredo & Vincenzo Migliozzi. Leucocoprinus flavus, an exotic lepiotoid taxon new to Europe. Mycotaxon 102: 293-306. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Leucocoprinus flavus,originallydescribed from tropical Africa, is reported from Europe for the first time, based on northern Italian collections (Turin, Piedmont). The basidiomata have been collected in an urban park under Cedrus atlantica. A description of the European specimens as well as illustrations and drawings of the main micro-morphological features are provided. The features distinguishing L. flavus from similar species are summarized and a key to the yellow European species in sect. Denudati is presented.

KEYWORDS: Agaricaceae, biodiversity, Basidiomycota, Leucoagaricus

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