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Vellinga, Else C. Lepiotaceous fungi in California, U.S.A. – 5. Lepiota oculata and its look-alikes. Mycotaxon 102: 267-280. 2007.

ABSTRACT: The small brown-scaled and brown-centred representatives of the Leucoagaricus/ Leucocoprinus clade (Agaricaceae) in California are discussed. Besides Lepiota oculata, described from Oregon, three other species were detected and are described here as new. The primary diagnostic characters to separate the species are the pileus covering and the cheilocystidia: a cutis of repent, non-differentiated hyphae and subcapitate cheilocystidia in La. infuscatus; a trichodermal covering with differentiated terminal elements and cylindrical narrow cheilocystidia in L. oculata; the same type of pileus covering but cheilocystidia distinctly narrowed into a pedicel in La. paraplesius, and a trichodermal pileus covering with tufts of narrowly lageniform elements in La. ophthalmus. All species are widespread and can occur in the same areas. A key to the species is included.

KEYWORDS: biodiversity, nrITS-sequences, taxonomy, western North America

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