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Yazici, Kenan, André Aptroot & Ali Aslan. Lichen biota of Zonguldak, Turkey. Mycotaxon 102: 257-260. 2007.

ABSTRACT: A contribution to the lichen biota of Turkey is presented. A total of 222 lichen taxa (including two subspecies, five varieties, and one lichenicolous fungus) were determined from 80 different localities in Zonguldak. Arthonia pinastri, Aspicilia inornata, Cladonia humilis var. bourgeanica, Opegrapha culmigena, Psorula rufonigra and Strigula ziziphi are new to Turkey; 205 lichen species and one lichenicolous fungus (Lichenoconium erodens)are new for Zonguldak. Distribution and substrata are summarized.

The complete checklist can be found on the Mycotaxon Regional Checklists page.

KEYWORDS: Ascomycetes, biodiversity, flora, mycota

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