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Jacobsson, Stig & Ellen Larsson. Hemistropharia, a new genus in Agaricales. Mycotaxon 102: 235-240. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Hemistropharia is described as a new monotypic genus for Agaricus albocrenulatus Peck, earlier often placed in Pholiota or Stropharia. Hemistropharia is macroscopically somewhat similar to Stropharia and Pholiota but differs in having large, amygdaloid spores and in lacking chrysocystidia. Phylogenetic analyses based on ITS2 and LSU nuclear rDNA sequence data suggest a placement of Hemistropharia albocrenulata in the vicinity of the hymenogastraceae and tubarieae clades.

KEYWORDS: Strophariaceae, Hemipholiota, phylogeny, taxonomy

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