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Polemis, Elias & Machiel E. Noordeloos. Two new Gymnopus species from the island of Andros (Kiklades, C. Aegaen, Greece). Mycotaxon 102: 171-178. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Two new species of Gymnopus from the island of Andros (Kiklades, C. Aegean, Greece) are described and discussed. Gymnopus dysosmus is a uniformly coloured dark brown species with unpleasant garlic smell, similar to that of G. impudicus but differing by the dark basidiocarps, long and slender, almost cylindrical spores and a greenish brown reaction of the pileipellis hyphae with alkali. Gymnopus amygdalisporus shows also a similar but clearer green reaction with alkali, especially of the trama hyphae and it is therefore placed in the sect. Levipedes subsect. Alcalivirentes where it takes a unique position with its dark date-brown to olivaceous pileus, yellowish-brown distant lamellae and broadly ellipsoid to amygdaliform spores.

KEYWORDS:  Omphalotaceae

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