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Dai, Yu-Cheng & Tsutomu Hattori. Postia japonica (Basidiomycota), a new polypore from Japan. Mycotaxon 102: 113-118. 2007.

ABSTRACT: A new polypore, Postia japonica, collected from Japan, is described and illustrated. The new species grows mostly on Castanopsis cuspidata, and has imbricate basidiocarps. Microscopically it has monomitic contextual hyphae but dimitic tramal hyphae. Its skeletal hyphae are weakly dextrinoid, and its inner hyphal walls become swollen in KOH. Its basidiospores are ellipsoid tapering toward apiculus. Cultural characters of the species are given according to the present study, and this fungus probably causes a brown rot.

KEYWORDS:  Polyporaceae, taxonomy, wood-rotting fungi

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