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Holec, Jan. Flammula croceolamellata and Naucoria intertrunca described by Albert Pilát are identical with Gymnopilus species. Mycotaxon 101: 9-16. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Type specimens of Flammula croceolamellata and Naucoria intertrunca (Fungi, Agaricales) described by the Czech mycologist Albert Pilát were thoroughly revised. F. croceolamellata proved to be identical with Gymnopilus penetrans and N. intertrunca with Gymnopilus bellulus. Consequently, the names published by Pilát are synonyms of these Gymnopilus species. Problems concerning discrepancies within type material of N. intertrunca are discussed.

KEYWORDS:macromycetes, taxonomy, type study, Slovakia, Ukraine

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