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Knudsen, Kerry & James C. Lendemer. Studies in lichens and lichenicolous fungi: Notes on some North American taxa. Mycotaxon 101: 81-87. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Arthonia digitatae is reported as new to North America. Biatorella nannaria is transferred to Piccolia, and the new combination Piccolia nannaria is proposed. Biatora franciscana is transferred to Lecania, and the new combination Lecania franciscana is proposed. Lecania brattiae is placed in synonymy with L. hassei. Lecania subdispersa is recognized as a lichenicolous species of Toninia, and the new combination T. subdispersa is proposed. Toninia talparum is placed in synonymy with T. subdispersa.

KEYWORDS: lichen flora, mycota

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