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Niazi, A.R., A.N. Khalid & S.H. Iqbal. Descolea flavoannulata and its ectomycorrhiza from Pakistan’s Himalayan moist temperate forests. Mycotaxon 101: 375-383. 2007.

ABSTRACT: During the exploration of biodiversity of mushrooms and ectomycorrhizas from Himalayan moist temperate forests of Pakistan, Descolea flavoannulata was found associated symbiotically with Abies pindrow. Both fungus and ectomycorrhizas are characterized morphologically and anatomically. D. flavoannulata ectomycorrhizas are monopodial-pinnate to monopodial-pyramidal, age from cream to brown, and produce enormous white to light brown hyphae that surround the infrequently found tips and sometimes give them a cottony appearance. Plectenchymatous mantle is present in all layers and the outer mantle hyphae sometimes form rings on the surface. Capitate cystidia are observed in the outer mantle layer. Clamps present in mantle hyphae, rhizomorphs and emanating hyphae. Rhizomorphs arise from restricted points. Both fruit bodies and ECM are new records for Pakistan

KEYWORDS: macromycetes, silver fir

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