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Pennycook, S.R. Discula betulae comb. nov., correct name for the anamorph of Gnomonia intermedia. Mycotaxon 101: 361-364. 2007.

ABSTRACT: The anamorph of a widely distributed leaf-pathogen of birch (Betula spp.) is commonly known as Discula betulina, but this is an illegitimate name based on a superfluous nomen novum. The new combination Discula betulae is proposed, based on the earliest available name for this taxon. Nomenclators are presented for this taxon and two illegitimate homonyms of its basionym, and the nomenclatural history of the three taxa is discussed.

KEYWORDS: Gloeosporium betulae, Gloeosporium betuli, Gloeosporium betulinum, Marssonina betulae, Ceuthospora betulae, Phacidium betulinum

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