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Andrianova, T.V. & D.W. Minter. New species of Bartalinia and Septoriella from the Altai Mountains (Russia). Mycotaxon 101: 297-313. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Bartalinia goniolimonis sp. nov. (on leaf spots of Goniolimon speciosum) and Septoriella viciae sp. nov. (on leaf spots of Vicia unijuga), from montane forests and steppes of the Altai Mountains of Russia, are described, illustrated, discussed and compared with similar species of anamorphic fungi producing appendaged conidia on the same and closely-related host plants. New keys to the genera of Bartalinia and Septoriella are provided.

KEYWORDS: cellular appendages, coelomycetous fungi, systematics, West Siberia

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