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Liberato, J.R.. Taxonomic notes on two powdery mildews, Phyllactinia chorisiae and Ovulariopsis wissadulae (Erysiphaceae: Phyllactinieae). Mycotaxon 101: 29-34. 2007.

ABSTRACT: The powdery mildew Phyllactinia chorisiae has been considered conspecific with P. guttata. A re-examination of the type material of P. chorisiae and another specimen showed that this fungus, unlike P. guttata, has dimorphic conidia and its anamorph does not belong to the genus Ovulariopsis, which is the typical anamorph for Phyllactinia species. This suggests that P. chorisiae is morphologically distinct from P. guttata and should no longer be accepted as a synonym. Re-evaluation of type material of Oidiopsis wissadulae revealed that ithas monomorphic conidia (mostly lemon-shaped) and hemiendophytic mycelium, a combination of characters that clearly places this fungus in the genus Ovulariopsis. Emended descriptions of P. chorisiae and Ovulariopsis wissadulae are presented.

KEYWORDS: Phyllactinioideae, new combination

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