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Ghobad-Nejhad, Masoomeh & Yu-Cheng Dai. The genus Phellinus s.l. (Basidiomycota) in Iran. Mycotaxon 101: 201-222. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Phellinus allardii, P. rosmarini and P. senex are reported as new to Iran, with the last species also new to the Caucasus. Two new combinations, Fomitiporia rosmarini and Fuscoporia senex, are proposed. A key to the species of Phellinus s.l. in Iran is provided. Spore and seta dimensions of the species were measured and their statistical variations are given. The doubtful assignment of a Phellinus commonly collected from NW Iran to Phellinus baumii is discussed. Earlier reports of Phellinus chrysoloma, P. johnsonianus, P. laevigatus, P. merrillii and P. tremulae in the country are shown to be based on misidentifications; none of these taxa are yet verified from Iran. The occurrence of Fomitiporia robusta, Phellinus ferrugineovelutinus and Phellinus rimosus in Iran is doubtful. Altogether 12 Phellinus s.l. species are recognized in Iran. Notes on host preferences are given together with the known distribution. A provisional world key to Fuscoporia species is provided.

KEYWORDS: Arasbaran forests, Fuscoporia discipes, polypore, taxonomy, wood-inhabiting

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