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Piercey-Normore, Michele D. The genus Cladonia in Manitoba: Exploring taxonomic trends with secondary metabolites. Mycotaxon 101: 189-199. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Thirteen secondary metabolites are reported in 50 species and 638 specimens of Cladonia from Manitoba. The most common metabolite was fumarprotocetraric acid in 23 species. Twenty-five species contained more than one compound in the same specimen. The most common combination of compounds was fumarprotocetraric acid and atranorin in seven species. Eleven species contained more than one chemotype. A new chemical variant is reported for C. amaurocraea. Taxonomic patterns were reflected in the frequency of occurrence of metabolites separating gray and non-fluorescent compounds from fluorescent and yellow-green compounds. Despite current literature hypotheses, no ecological trends were evident in this study. The variation was compared with other studies, biogenetic relationships were hypothesized, and taxonomic issues were discussed. Taxonomic considerations cannot be separated from effects of environmental changes or gene regulation.

KEYWORDS: environmental effects, lichenized fungi, polyketides

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