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Halici, Mehmet Gökhan, Violeta Atienza & David L. Hawksworth. Two new Polycoccum (Dothideales, Dacampiaceae) species on lichens from Turkey. Mycotaxon 101: 157-163. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Two new Polycoccum species are described from Turkey: P. aksoyi on the areoles of Aspicilia cinerea, and P. acarosporicola on Acarospora cervina. P. aksoyi is characterized by ascomata with a very small ostiole with a pale brown lower part, smooth ascospores with a thin (0.5 µm thick) colourless gelatinous sheath, and the host: a member of Aspicilia. P. acarosporicola differs from all species of the genus in the host selected (Acarospora cervina) and from P. cartilaginosum in the narrower and differently shaped ascospores. The single previous report of P. cartilaginosum from Turkey is a misidentification for the species now named P. acarosporicola.

KEYWORDS: Ascomycota, lichenicolous fungi, Aladaglar National Park

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