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Spirin, Wjacheslav. New and noteworthy Antrodia species (Polyporales, Basidiomycota) in Russia. Mycotaxon 101: 149-156. 2007.

ABSTRACT: A new species, Antrodia minuta, is described. It belongs to the Antrodia heteromorpha complex and is closely related to the East-Asian A. leucaena. Antrodia minuta is characterized by small-sized, mostly pileate basidiocarps, a dimitic hyphal structure with solid skeletal hyphae, and cylindrical basidiospores; its distribution is hemiboreal. Taxonomy of Antrodia malicola, A. sitchensis and Cartilosoma ramentaceum is briefly discussed. A new combination, Fibroporia pseudorennyi, is proposed. Conidial state is first described for F. gossypium.

KEYWORDS: polypores, wood-inhabiting fungi

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