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Castañeda Ruiz, Rafael F., Gabriela Heredia Abarca, Rosa Maria Arias, Masatoshi Saikawa, David W. Minter & Marc Stadler. Anamorphic fungi from submerged plant material: Phaeomonilia pleiomorpha, P. corticola and Cacumisporium pleuroconidiophorum. Mycotaxon 100: 327-336. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Phaeomonilia pleiomorpha anam. gen. et sp. nov. found on a decaying petiole submerged in a stream in the “Los Tuxtlas” rainforest, Veracruz, Mexico is described and illustrated. It is distinguished by globose, unicellular, colorless conidia formed by “thallic” disarticulations of fertile branches on macronematous conidiophores and by a Stylaspergillus synanamorph which arises from the same vegetative hyphae. Following re-assessment of type material, Phaeomonilia corticola comb. nov. and Cacumisporium pleuroconidiophorum comb. nov. are proposed. The Antipodium anamorph of Ophionectria tricospora is reported from submerged wood in Mexico.

KEYWORDS:  freshwater fungi, systematics, tropical fungi, hyphomycetes

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