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Niemelä, Tuomo, Karl-Henrik Larsson, Yu-Cheng Dai & Ellen Larsson. Anomoloma, a new genus separated from Anomoporia on the basis of decay type and nuclear rDNA sequence data. Mycotaxon 100: 305–317. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Five species of Anomoporia, and related but deviating material from South China, were studied microscopically and sequenced. Bayesian and maximum parsimony analyses were conducted using nuclear ribosomal ITS and large-subunit DNA regions. The species belong to a subclade within or close to the euagarics clade. The brown-rot-causing species A. bombycina (type of the genus Anomoporia), A. vesiculosa, and A. kamtschatica belong to a genus complex together with Ceraceomyces, Hypochniciellum, Irpicodon and Plicaturopsis, but their inner hierarchy needs further study before conclusions on genus limits can be made. Four strongly rhizomorphic species of Anomoporia are associated with white-rot, and they were found to form a well-supported clade. Consequently, a new genus Anomoloma is described. The following new combinations are made: Anomoloma albolutescens (type of the genus), A. myceliosum, A. flavissimum, and a new species is described from the South Chinese material: A. rhizosum. Numerous new records of A. flavissimum expand considerably its known range in China.

KEYWORDS: Basidiomycota, phylogeny, polypore, taxonomy

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