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Geml, József, Gary A. Laursen, Harris C. Nusbaum & D. Lee Taylor. Two new species of Agaricus from the Subantarctic. Mycotaxon 100: 193-208. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Molecular and morphological data are presented for three Agaricus species on Campbell Island, New Zealand. Two of these are new species, A. campbellensis and A. subantarcticus. The third may be conspecific with A. subrutilescens, although the molecular data suggest a lack of gene flow between subantarctic and North American populations. Alternatively, it could be a closely related, but undescribed species. This is the first report of the Subrutilescens group from the Southern Hemisphere.

KEYWORDS:  Basidiomycota, fungi, ITS, LSU, phylogenetics

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