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Jeamjitt, Onuma, Leka Manoch, Niphon Visarathanonth, Chiradej Chamswarng, Roy Watling, George P. Sharples & Anake Kijjoa. Coprophilous ascomycetes of Thailand. Mycotaxon 100: 115–136. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Dung samples of wild and domestic animals, including barking deer, buffalo, dromedary camel, cow, sambar deer, eld’s deer, elephant, gaur, goat, horse, rabbit, rat and toad, were collected from fourteen locations in Thailand. Identification of the fungal isolates was based on morphological characteristics of colony growth on agar media, fruiting bodies and spore ornamentation using light and scanning electron microscopes. Sixty-eight isolates comprising 12 genera and 15 species of Ascomycota were found including Ascobolus, Ascodesmis, Cercophora, Chaetomium, Emericella, Gelasinospora, Podosordaria, Podospora, Saccobolus, Sordaria, Sporormiella, and Zopfiella.

KEYWORDS: dung fungi, taxonomy, ecology, pyrenomycetes, discomycetes

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