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Voglmayr, Hermann & Marco Thines. Phylogenetic relationships and nomenclature of Bremiella sphaerosperma (Chromista, Peronosporales). Mycotaxon 100: 11-20. 2007.

ABSTRACT: Molecular phylogenetic analyses using D1–3 and D7–8 nrLSU rDNA sequence data clearly show that Bremiella sphaerosperma is embedded within Plasmopara sensu stricto. Therefore, it is transferred to the genus Plasmopara; for nomenclatural reasons, we propose the new name Plasmopara constantinescui. Despite its distinct morphology, maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood analyses support a sister group relationship to Plasmopara obducens, the second downy mildew species parasitic of Impatiens spp. Both species were investigated and documented with scanning electron microscopy.

KEYWORDS: phylogeny, taxonomy, large subunit ribosomal DNA

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