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Systematics of the Saprolegniaceae: New taxaT.W. Johnson, Jr., R.L. Seymour & D.E. Padgett1
Systematics of the Saprolegniaceae: New combinationsT.W. Johnson, R.L. Seymour & D.E. Padgett11
Kochmania, a new genus of smut fungi and new records of cypericolous species from Poland and UkraineMarcin Piatek33
Parapyricularia brasiliensis, a new dematiaceous hyphomycete on Gmelina arborea from Brazil Adriano Marcio Freire Silva, Maria Angelica Guimares Barbosa, Maria Menezes & Marcos P. S. Camara43
Ramularia pistiae sp. nov. - a new leaf spot fungus on water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) from NicaraguaR.C. Fernandes & R.W. Barreto49
Taxonomic revision of the genus Cladosporium s. lat. 3. A revision of Cladosporium species described by J.J. Davis and H.C. Greene (WIS)Konstanze Schubert55
Revision of three species of Tricholoma reported from ChinaH. Deng & Y.-J. Yao77
Basidiomycetous pathogens on grapevine: a new species from Australia - Fomitiporia australiensisMichael Fischer, Jacqueline Edwards, James H. Cunnington & Ian G. Pascoe85
Morphology and species identification of a Hypocrella species (genbank accession # U47832)Amanjeet K. Bath , Monica S. Torres , Gary J. Samuels & James F. White 97
Contribution to the lignocellulolytic fungi (Basidiomycetes) of the Atlantic Rain Forest in Southern BrazilClaudia Groposo & Clarice Loguercio-Leite103
Moist chamber culture and field collections of Ecuador myxomycetesRoland McHugh107
A new species of Lentinus from IndiaT. K. Arun Kumar & P. Manimohan119
Morphology and taxonomy of the European species in Lactarius sect. Deliciosi (Russulales)Jorinde Nuytinck & Annemieke Verbeken125
Aseroë floriformis, a new phalloid with a sunflower-shaped receptacleI.G. Baseia & F.D. Calonge169
Exserohilum heteromorphum sp. nov., a new helminthosporioid fungus from Echinochloa in China Guangyu Sun, Rong Zhang, Wang Zhou & Mingqi Zhu173
New records of ascomycetes from Jalisco, Mexico Maria del Refugio Sanchez-Jacome & L. Guzman-Davalos177
Monacrosporium multiseptatum, a new predacious fungus from ChinaHongyan Su, Yan Li, MingHe Mo & Keqin Zhang193
Verticimonosporium verticale sp. nov. from Jiangxi Province, ChinaMu Wang, Li-Mei Zhang & Xing-Zhong Liu197
New and rare lichenicolous fungi and lichens from the North American ArcticM.P. Zhurbenko, G.A. Laursen & D.A. Walker201
A new species of Paecilomyces isolated from the Antarctic springtail Cryptopygus antarcticusP.D. Bridge , M.S. Clark & D.A. Pearce 213
Notes on Discomycetes (Helotiales, Pezizales): New species and new records from CameroonClovis Douanla-Meli & Ewald Langer223
Myxomycetes of Mezit Stream Valley of Turkey C. Cem Ergul, Basaran Dulger & Hasan Akgul239
A new species of Dacryopinax from MexicoSigfrido Sierra & Joaquin Cifuentes243
New rust fungi (Uredinales) from Mt. Elgon, UgandaHalvor B. Gjaerum, Mary Namaganda & Kare Arnstein Lye251
Gyalecta canariensis sp. nov., a new lichen (Ascomycota) described from La Palma (Canary Islands) P.P.G. van den Boom & A. Vezda255
A new Ophiostoma species isolated from Pinus pinaster in the Iberian PeninsulaM. Villarreal, V. Rubio, M.T. de Troya & F. Arenal259
Two new species of Urocystis (Urocystales) from China Lin Guo269
Pseudocercospora siparunae - a new cercosporoid fungus from the Brazilian tropical forest Dartanha J. Soares & Robert W. Barreto273
Two new hyphomycetous fungal species from IndiaG. Sureshkumar, K. Sharath Babu, I.K. Kunwar & C. Manoharachary279
Erysiphe pachypodii - a new species on Pachypodium lamerei Ales Lebeda, Barbora Mieslerova & Ivana Dolezalova285
Dactylella zhongdianensis sp. nov, a new predacious antagonist of nematodes Jing Zhang, MingHe Mo, JingShi Deng, XueFeng Liu, TingJu Bi & KeQin Zhang289
Isozyme analysis of twelve species of the genus Ascobolus Diana A. Dokmetzian, Mar'a E. Ranalli & Beatriz O. Saidman295
Two new species of the genus Paecilomyces in China Yanfeng Han, Huali Chu & Zongqi Liang311
Aleurocystis gloeocystidiata sp. nov. on Polylepis australis in Argentina Mario Rajchenberg & Gerardo L. Robledo317
Noteworthy microfungi from air samplesAnalie A. Fernando, Susan E. Anagnost, Shannon R. Morey, Shuang Zhou, Catharine M. Catranis & C.J.K. Wang323
What is Oospora oryzetorum? Walter Gams & Amy Y. Rossman339
New lichen records from TurkeyKenan Yazici, Ali Aslan & Andre Aptroot341
A new polypore on Ginkgo from ChinaYu-Cheng Dai & Zheng Wang 345
Phaeomoniella chlamydospora and Phaeoacremonium species distinguished through cultural characters and ribosomal DNA sequence analysis Elizabeth Whiting, Marcos Cunha & W. Douglas Gubler351
Taxonomy and nomenclature of Gymnopilus bellulus and G. microsporus (Agaricales, Cortinariaceae) Jan Holec361
A new species of Pucciniastrum on Enkianthus campanulatus from Japan Ying-Mei Liang, Cheng-Ming Tian, Kazuyuki Hiratsuka & Makoto Kakishima371
Oidium moluccanum nov. sp. causing powdery mildew on Aleurites moluccanus in East Timor J.R. Liberato, P.M. Stephens & R. G. Shivas377
A new species of Acrogenospora from submerged Bamboo in Yunnan, China Hong Zhu , Lei Cai , Keqin Zhang & Kevin D. Hyde 383
Some trans-septate species of the genera Hemithecium and Platythecium from India Bharati Adawadkar & Urmila Makhija387
Additions and corrections to names published in Cercospora and Passalora Uwe Braun & Pedro W. Crous 395
Taxonomic studies of Corynespora from China Xiu-Guo Zhang & Cheng-Huei Shi417
Taxonomic studies of Corynespora from Yunnan, China Xiu-Guo Zhang & Min Ji425
Taxonomic studies of Corynespora from Guangxi, China Xiu-Guo Zhang & Jun-Jie Xu431
Preliminary checklist of the basidiomycetes from mediterranean inland dune ecosystems in Seville (Spain)A. Ortega & F. Esteve-Ravent--s437
Xanthoparmelia viriduloumbrina, a neglected species from Eastern North America James C. Lendemer441
A revision of Albugo (Chromista, Peronosporomycetes) Marco Thines & Otmar Spring443
Apiognomonia fakirovae sp. nov. (Diaporthales) on Quercus cerris (Fagaceae) Dimitar Y. Stoykov459
Physarum styriacum, a synonym of Physarum vernum G. Moreno, H. Singer & C. Illana463
Book reviews and noticesDavid L. Hawksworth469
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in volume 92 [pdf]   497
Author index for volume 92   500
Reviewers for volume 92   505
Errata for volume 91   506

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