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Additional notes on Sarcoscypha in China Wen-Ying Zhuang 1
Morphological and molecular data on the taxonomy of Gymnomyces, Martellia and Zelleromyces (Russulales) F. D. Calonge & M. P. Martín 9
Phenetic plasticity in Pleurotus djamor David B. G. Nicholl & Ronald H. Petersen 17
Leucoagaricus viridiflavoides, a new species from Florida, with notes on related taxa Brian P. Akers, Sherri A. Angels & James W. Kimbrough 39
Studies on Schizopora flavipora s. l., with special emphasis on specimens from Taiwan Sheng-Hua Wu 51
Battarrea phalloides and B. stevenii, insight into a long-standing taxonomic puzzle María P. Martín & Hanna Johannesson 67
Cylindrocladium gordoniae sp. nov. R. M. Leahy, T. S. Schubert & N. E. El-Gholl 77
Two new hyphomycetes from Arecaceae in La Gomera, Canary Islands R. F. Castañeda-Ruíz, J. Guarro & J. Gené 85
New species of fungi from tropical China: A new species of Hydropisphaera (Bionectriaceae) Wen-ying Zhuang 93
Pleurotus lindquistii is a Lentinus Bernardo E. Lechner & Edgardo Albertó 97
Notes on coprophilous bitunicate Ascomycetes Margaret E. Barr 105
Cortinarius vernicosus: a new spring species of subgenus Myxacium from Washington State Michelle T. Seidl 113
Carrismyces, a new genus of Hyphomycetes from a cloud forest in Mexico R. F. Castañeda Ruíz & Gabriela Heredia 125
A new species of Neta from leaf litter in Mexico R. F. Castañeda Ruíz & Gabriela Heredia 131
Botryosphaeria populi sp. nov. and its Fusicoccum anamorph from poplar trees in Portugal Alan J. L. Phillips 135
Striatodecospora gen. nov. from bamboo in Hong Kong Dequn Zhou, Kevin D. Hyde & Bing-Sheng Lu 141
A new species of Bipolaris from South Africa Wei-Qun Chen, Wijnand J. Swart & Tielman D. Nieuwoudt 149
Acanthofungus rimosus gen. et sp. nov., with reevaluation of the related genera Seng-Hua Wu, Jaques Boidin & Chiu-Yuien Chien 153
Heteromycophaga tremellicola found in the neotype specimen of Tremella brasiliensis Chee-Jen Chen & Franz Oberwinkler 163
Taxonomic implication of unusual zoospore discharge in an isolate of Saprolegnia unispora David E. Padgett, Jennifer C. Puckett & Wendy M. Strickland 171
Polyporoid wood-rotting fungi (Basidiomycetes) II - new records from southern Brazil Alexandra Lehmkuhl Gerber & Clarice Loguercio-Leite 175
Glomus minutum, a new species in Glomales (Zygomycetes) from Poland Janusz Blaszkowski, Mariusz Tadych & Tadeusz Madej 187
Taxonomy and qualitative ecological aspects of poroid Hymenochaetales in a Brazilian seasonal tropical forest Aristóteles Góes-Neto, Clarice Loguercio-Leite, & Rosa T. Guerrero 197
Myxomycetes in the forests and woodlands of western Oregon Tarja Ukkola & Jouko Rikkinen 213
Notes on Hyphomycetes. LXXVIII. Asperisporium sequoiae, the causal organism of conifer needle blight, reclassified in Cercosporidium, with comments on the status of the genus William A. Baker, E. Christopher Partridge & Gareth Morgan-Jones 247
Pestalotiopsis jesteri sp. nov. an endophyte from Fragraea bodenii from the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea Gary Strobel, J. Y. Li, Eugene Ford, Jeerapun Worapong, Gary I. Baird & W. M. Hess 257
Macrolepiota globosa sp. nov. (Agaricaceae) et Nothopanus nsimalenensis sp. nov. (Tricholomataceae): deux nouvelles espèces fongiques (Basidiomycotina) du Cameroun D. C. Mossebo, Amougou Akoa & R. Atanga Étémé 267
Helicogloea species collected in Taiwan Chee-Jen Chen & Franz Oberwinkler 279
Phellinus tabaquilio sp. nov. from Córdoba mountains, central Argentina Carlos Urcelay, Gerardo Robledo & Mario Rajchenberg 287
New species of Parmeliaceae (lichenized Ascomycotina) from China Sheng-Lan Wang, Jian-Bin Chen & John A. Elix 293
Meliolaceae of Kerala, India - VII V. B. Hosagoudar, C. K. Biju, T. K. Abraham & J. L. Crane 299
Potential use of restriction analysis of PCR-amplified DNA fragments in construction of molecular-based identification keys of lichens Beata Guzow-Krzeminska & Grzegorz Wegrzyn 305
Stropharia albivelata and its basionym Pholiota albivelata Lorelei L. Norvell & Scott A. Redhead 315
Notes on western North American snowbank fungi Scott A. Redhead, Joseph F. Ammirati, Lorelei L. Norvell & Michelle T. Seidl 321
Baeodromus ranunculi, a new rust on Ranunculus from Argentina, and a synopsis of Baeodromus José R. Hernández 329
Disciseda verrucosa (Gasteromycetes) in Mexico E. Pérez-Silva, M. Esqueda, T. Herrera, G. Moreno & A. Altés 337
Two corrections to the Cornell genealogy of mycologists Richard P. Korf 343
Sclerostagonospora salsolae, comb. nov. I. Schwarczinger, L. Vajna & W. L. Bruckart 345
Studies in neotropical polypores 8. Poroid fungi from Jamaica - a preliminary check list Leif Ryvarden 349
First report of Persiciospora moreaui, a parasite of Fusarium oxysporum, in the Western Hemisphere R. M. Harveson & J. W. Kimbrough 361
Studies on Cercospora and allied genera in China VI Ying-Lan Guo 367
The genus Podospora in Taiwan Yei-Zeng Wang 373
The genus Lecanosticta from Nuevo León, Mexico José G. Marmolejo 393.
Type study of Lepista rickenii (Tricholomatales) and description of L. panaeolus var. paxilloides var. nov. F. Esteve-Raventós & M. Villarreal 399
Acanthogymnomyces, a new genus of gymnothecial Ascomycetes with setae and sulcate ascospores Shun-ichi Udagawa & Shigeru Uchiyama 411
Pleurotus eryngii var. elaeoselini var. nov. from Sicily G. Venturella, G. Zervakis & S. La Rocca 419
Notes on Lepiota and Leucoagaricus. Type studies on Lepiota magnispora, Lepiota barssii, and Agaricus americanus Else C. Vellinga 429
Redefining the genus Aplanochytrium (phylum Labyrinthulomycota) Celeste A. Leander & David Porter 439
Changbai wood-rotting fungi 12. Species of Hymenochaete (Basidiomycota) Yu-Cheng Dai, Xiao-Qing Zhang & Tong-Xin Zhou 445
The hyphomycete genera Exochalara and Monilochaetes I. H. Rong & W. Gams 451
Taxonomy of the Russula xerampelina group I. Morphometric study of the Russula xerampelina group in Slovakia Slavomír Adamcík & Karol Marhold 463
The genus Scutellinia (Pezizales) in Croatia III. A new species - Scutellinia tuberculata Neven Matocec 481
Open letter to the scientific community of mycologists: Provide voucher specimens Reinhard Agerer, Joe Ammirati, Timothy J. Baroni, Paul Blanz, Régis Courtesuisse, Dennis E. Desjardin, Walter Gams, Nils Hallenberg, Roy Halling, David L. Hawksworth, Egon Horak, Richard P. Korf, Greg M. Mueller, Franz Oberwinkler, Gerhard Rambold, Richard C. Summerbell, Dagmar Triebel & Roy Watling 489
Book reviews and notices David L. Hawksworth 495
Nomenclatural novelties proposed in volume 76 501
Author index 503
Index to fungous and lichen taxa 509
Notice: all back volumes of Mycotaxon now available 521
Reviewers, volume seventy-six 521
Publication date for volume 75 522

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