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New species of Neofuscelia and Xanthoparmelia (lichenized Ascomycotina: Parmeliaceae) from Zimbabwe John A. Elix, Uwe Becker, and Gerhard Follmann 1
Studies in Chaetosphaeria sensu lato III. Umbrinosphaeria gen. nov. and Miyoshiella with Sporidesmium anamorphs Martina Réblová 13
Studies in Chaetosphaeria sensu lato IV. Crassochaeta gen. nov., a new lignicolous genus of the Trichosphaeriaceae Martina Réblová 45
Macrofungus flora of the Lagoon of Venice and adjacent areas (Italy). Non-gilled basidiomycetes. II. Corticioid fungi Cristiano Losi 69
Two new species of Xanthoparmelia from Australasia (Ascomycotina, Parmeliaceae) John A. Elix and Gintaras Kantvilas 89
Two new agarics found in Andalucía (peninsular Spain) F. Esteve-Raventós and A. Ortega 95
A new species and a new record for the genus Xerula (Agaricales) from Costa Rica Roy E. Halling and Gregory M. Mueller 105
New species and new records in the lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycotina) from Thailand Thitiporn Pooprang, Kansri Boonpragob, and John A. Elix 111
New records of Xylariaceae of Sonora, México Felipe San Martín, Jack D. Rogers, Pablo Lavín, Evangelina Pérez-Silva, and Martín Esqueda 129
An historical survey of Hymenangium album, Rhizopogon albus and Tuber album María P. Martín 135
Bulbothrix sipmanii, a new lichen species from Guyana A. Aptroot and R. J. M. T. van Aubel 139
The taxonomic boundaries between Naucoria rheophylla and Setchelliogaster tenuipes based on morphological and molecular data María P. Martín and August Rocabruna 141
Meliolaceae of Kerala, India - VI V. B. Hosagoudar, T. K. Abraham, and J. L. Crane 149
Molecular relationships within the genus Amylostereum as determined by internal transcribed spacer sequences of the ribosomal DNA R. Vasiliauskas, H. Johannesson, and J. Stenlid 155
Two new corticolous species of the genus Lecidella (Lecanoraceae, Lecanorales, lichenized Ascomycotina) J.-G. Knoph, R. Garnitz, and C. Leuckert 163
Studies on mazaediate lichens and calicioid fungi of the Iberian Peninsula Francisco Sarrión, Gregorio Aragón, and Ana Rosa Burgaz 169
New species in the lichen genus Parmotrema (Parmeliaceae Ascomycotina) from southern Brazil Mariana Fleig 199
Three new genera of smut fungi Kálmán Vánky 207
Computer identification of gilled mushroom genera occurring in Canada John Neville and Bryce Kendrick/TD> 223
Two new members of the Saccharomycopsis clade: Saccharomycopsis microspora, comb. nov. and Candida lassenensis, sp. nov. C. P. Kurtzman 241
The status of the genus Bovistoides (Gasteromycetes) Verónica L. Suárez and Jorge E. Wright 251
Periconia flabelliformis anam. sp. nov. M. Muntañola-Cvetkovic, P. Hoyo, and A. Gómez-Bolea 259
Cladistic analysis of European species of Rhizopogon (Basidiomycotina) based on morphological and molecular characters Hanna Johannesson and María P. Martín 267
New species, varieties and combinations in the genus Flammulina Scott A. Redhead and Ronald H. Petersen 285
A new species of Heteroconium from a tropical rainforest R. F. Castañeda-Ruíz, M. Saikawa, and J. Guarro 295
Conicomyces nassensis, a new synnematous fungus from the Nass River valley, British Columbia Keith A. Seifert 301
Myxomycetes from a seasonal tropical forest on the Pacific coast of Mexico C. Lado, M. Rodríguez-Palma, and A. Estrada-Torres 307
The lichen genus Parmeliella (Pannariaceae) from the Andaman and Nicobar islands of India Urmila Makhija and Bharati Adawadkar 323
Studies in neotropical polypores 3. New and interesting Basidiomycetes (Poriales) from Costa Rica Irene Lindblad and Leif Ryvarden 335
Studies in neotropical polypores 4. New and noteworthy species from Coiba National Park, Panama María Núñez and Leif Ryvarden 361
Biosystematics of Didymium: the non-calcareous long-stalked species Jim Clark and Anthony Mires 369
A new foliicolous Byssoloma (lichenized Ascomycetes: Pilocarpaceae) from the Atlantic rainforest in Pernambuco, Brazil Marcela Cáceres 383
Lepidoderma crustaceum, a nivicolous myxomycete, found on the island of Crete Martin Schnittler and Yura K. Novozhilov 387
Fungi from palms. XVI. Fasciatispora sabalicola: further collections from Florida, USA Bing-Sheng Lu and Kevin D. Hyde 393
Buellia aeruginosa, a new Australian Buellia species with pluriseptate spores A. Nordin, B. Owe-Larsson, and J. A. Elix 399
Daldinia singularis, sp. nov. from eastern Russia and notes on some other taxa Yu-Ming Ju, Larissa Vasilyeva, and Jack D. Rogers 405
A new combination for Dioicomyces bournieri (Laboulbeniales) Sergio Santamaría 413
Two new species of Xanthoparmelia (Ascomycotina, Parmeliaceae) from North America John A. Elix and Thomas H. Nash III 417
Marthanella nidulosa, sp. et gen. nov., a hypogeous basidiomycete from northern Arizona, U. S. A. Jack S. States and Robert Fogel 423
New species of Neofuscella (lichenized Ascomycotina, Parmeliaceae) from the southern hemisphere John A. Elix 431
Cultural studies of non-poroid Aphyllophorales Cristina G. Ibáñez 457
Some loculoascomycete species from the Great Basin, USA Margaret E. Barr and Clark T. Rogerson 473
Intercontinental interrelationships among disjunct populations of Melanotus (Strophariaceae, Agaricales) A. David Sime and Ronald H. Petersen 481
An apology 493
Mycena californiensis resurrected Brian A. Perry and Dennis E. Desjardin/TD> 495
Online resources for fungal taxonomy and nomenclature: Information quality Kathie T. Hodge 507
Book Reviews Eric H. C. McKenzie 509
Author Index 515
Errata 518, 532
Index to Fungous and Lichen Taxa 519
Reviewers 533
Publication Date for Volume 70 533
Journal Publication Statement 533
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