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Mycobiota (Regional Checklists)

Mycobiota (Regional Checklists) that have been announced in papers published in Mycotaxon are listed with links to both the full checklists and the journal abstracts.

Links to Recommended Online Mycological Resources

  • The Mycological Society of America's HOMEPAGE wih links to its newsletter, Inoculum, and to Job opportunities for mycologists.
  • A superior site for tracing fungal names is CABI Bioscience's database, IndexFungorum
  • Wondering about the correct author citation to use? Brummitt & Powell's Authors of Plant Names has been maintained and is updated now in the International Plant Names index database. An even more detailed listing is maintained on the Harvard University Herbaria's INDEX OF BOTANISTS. Select "publication author" for best information on citing author's names.
  • MYCONET editors:  Sabine Huhndorf and Thorsten Lumbsch have taken over Myconet from Ove Eriksson. They will continue to try to have an updated classification of Ascomycota and regularly publish notes on new publications regarding the systematics of Ascomycota at generic and all higher levels. PDF versions will be produced once a year with a new outline and collected notes. Future publication will appear anually in the journal Persoonia. Please feel free to submit notes. They would be very thankful if you could keep them updated by sending pdf files or reprints of your papers and hints to papers that they may have missed. Their email addresses are tlumbsch@fieldmuseum.org and shuhndorf@fieldmuseum.org. The Myconet website can be found at http://www.fieldmuseum.org/myconet/. Any comments on the website are welcome.
  • A truly fascinating non-commercial site devoted to diversity in fungi, managed by Dagmar Triebel, at the Botanische Staatssammlung München, is The Mycology.Net. It's truly worth a visit! There is so much information presented you'll need to allow an hour just to appreciate what great links are presented.
  • A particularly active group of mostly European mycologists has ongoing discussions and usually many and often extraordinarily beautiful photographs of fruitbodies, slide mounts, and drawings of microscopic details of collections, mostly of Ascomycetes, but sometimes of anamorphs, myxomycetes and jelly fungi at ASCOfrance where anyone can contribute to the ongoing discussions. There is both a French and an English version available by a simple click. Highly recommended by the Mycotaxon staff.
  • There is an interesting new website devoted to Hysteriaceae and Mytilinidiaceae, hosted by Dr. Eric Boem of Kean University, at http://www.eboehm.com.
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