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Editors and Administrators

Current Editors

Current Administration

  • Treasurer of the Corporation


Emeritus Editors & Administrators

  • Editor-in-Chief

    Pavel Lizon (1998-2003)
    Department of Cryptogams
    Institute of Botany
    Dúbravská 14

    Jean Boise Cargill (1991-1998)
    P.O. Box 57
    Jefferson, NH 03583

  • Managing Editor & English Language Editor, then Business Manager
    Journal Preparation and Final Editing, Subscriptions

    Richard P. Korf (1974-1991, 1991-2006, see above)
    Plant Pathology Department
    Cornell University
    305 Plant Science Bldg.
    Ithaca, NY 14853

  • French Language Editor
    Receives and edits all French language manuscripts

    Grégoire L. Hennebert (1974-2006)
    32 Rue de l'Elevage
    B-1340 Ottignes--LLN, Belgium

    Cony Decock
    Mycothèque de l'Université catholique de Louvain
    Place Croix du Sud 3
    B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

  • Assistant Editor, and then Associate Editor

    Susan C. Gruff (1980-1986, 1986-1991)
    Plant Pathology Herbarium
    Cornell University
    301 Plant Science Bldg.
    Ithaca, NY 14853

  • Consulting Editor

    Pavel Lizon (2003-2005, see above)

  • Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

    Pavel Lizon (1996-1998, see above)

    Richard P. Korf (1998-2003, see above)

  • Index Editors
    Preparing taxon indexes

    Karen D. Gettelman (1996-2010)

    Susan C. Gruff (1982-1991, 2009-2010.)

    Robert Dirig (1991-1996, 2009-2010.)

    Henning Knudsen (2009-2010.)

  • Book Review Editors

    Grégoire L. Hennebert (1974-1991, see above)

    Linda M. Kohn (1991-1994)
    Professor of Botany
    Department of Botany
    University of Toronto
    3359 Mississauga Road North
    Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 1C6

    David S. Hibbett (1995-1997)
    Department of Biology, Clark University
    950 Main Street
    Worcester, MA 01610-1477

    Eric H. C. McKenzie (1997-1999)
    Landcare Research
    Private Bag 92170
    Auckland, New Zealand

    David L. Hawksworth (2000-2009)
    Milford House, The Mead, P.O. Box 152
    Ashtead, Surrey KT21 9BB U.K.

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